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The urban in fragile, uncertain, neoliberal times: towards new geographies of social justice?

Department of Geography, University of Toronto Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario, Cananda L5L 1C6 (e-mail: alan.walks@utoronto.ca)

Canadian cities are at a crossroads. The neoliberalization of governance at multiple scales, inadequate re-investment in urban infrastructure, increasing reliance on continental and international trade, and the restructuring of the space economy have combined to weaken Canada’s cities just as the global economic system is undergoing transformation. Canadian urban geographic scholarship has much to offer under current conditions, and is already making significant contributions in key areas. In particular, research on what might be called the contours and impacts of urban restructuring and the neoliberal city, immigration and cities of difference, and urban environmental justice show much promise and are likely to define the core of Canadian urban geography into the future. Key words: cities, urban geography, Canada, economic restructuring, neoliberalism, social justice

L’urbain ` une ´poque fragile, incertaine et a e n´olib´rale: vers de nouvelles g´ographies de la e e e justice sociale? ` Les villes canadiennes sont a la crois´e des chemins. e Alors que l’´conomie mondiale traverse une p´riode e e de transformation, la situation des villes au Canada se pr´carise avec les effets de la restructuration e ` n´olib´rale de la gouvernance a multiples niveaux, e e l’insuffisance du r´investissement dans les e infrastructures urbaines, la d´pendance accrue des e ´changes commerciaux internationaux, ainsi que la e restructuration de l’´conomie de l’espace. Dans les e conditions actuelles, la recherche canadienne en ` g´ographie urbaine a beaucoup a offrir et continue e de fournir un apport significatif dans les domaines d’importance…...

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