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Everyone Shouldn’t Be Blamed!

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Everyday people at the ages of 16 or 17 are getting their Driver’s License. They take their driving test and when they pass, they’re off into the streets. Some people believe however, that the age should be raised to 18. They believe that just because people are 16 or 17 that they are immature and cause most of the accidents. They should not blame all teens for others actions, because most of them have just learned how to drive. First of all, people should not raise the age to 18, because people have to get use to driving. My point of view is that even though they past the test; they aren’t use to driving around other cars and need to get use to it. Some teens may get nervous on the road. They try to stay away cars which ends up making them crash into the cars they aren’t paying attention too. Other teens think that they know how to drive when their around other cars, so they pay no attention to the important things. Then they end up in a car crash. Next, why should we all be punished for others people mistakes? When teens end up in crashes they either survive or don’t. Either way it goes they learned their lessons. Parents should pay attention to this and talk to their teenagers. They shouldn’t let their teenagers drive unless they’re with them and then once they see how teenagers are doing on the road, they can either let their teenagers drive alone or sit their with them until their sure their teenager is ready to handle the wheel with out their parents by their side. Finally, Some people believe that it would be good to raise the driving age to 18. This is not necessarily true. If you raise the driving age it will just make more accidents for the ages 18 to 21. Do you really want people that grown crashing into cars and dieing or being injured. Their may be more accidents at 16 and 17, but you can’t blame everyone for…...

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