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Background information of the region
Borlean region exists within Australia that has features that reflect a rural setting. The place is located in area that has mountains and a neighboring coastline. The area is identical with farming activities that include dairy farming. The area has a sea port that is significant in ensuring the entry of products in the region. Administratively, the area is divided into three sections in the northern area which include: Oldorando, Matrassyl and Sunkist. The southern part consists of Ottasol and other neighboring farms that extend to the mountainous regions. This region is purely an agricultural area with almost a third of the land being under rural and commercial forms of farming. Agricultural activities include livestock farming of beef and dairy cattle, pigs and poultry. The residents are also involved in vegetable and fruit farming. Another important economic activity for the residents of this place is tourism. The area has a wide range of accommodation units that are enough to offer facilities to visiting tourists.
The existing administrative units within this area exhibit distinct forms of historical and socio-economic issues. Ottassol is characterized by fishing as the main economic activity through deep fishing. The area has fish processing plants and this explains why the area is largely dominated by the Greek and the Italians who are fond of fishing. Oldorando is a commercial hub for this region. This area is frequented by most holiday tourists. Apart from tourism Oldorando is associated with retail trade, public administration centers, health services and transport and communication services. Osoilima is another center within this region that is common with tourism activities. Finally, Matrassyl area that is traditionally rural. It is one of the areas that support commercial dairy farming. It has lately become an…...

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