Evaluation of Statistical Data from Oxford Cereals Thwarting Claims of Consumers Concerned About Cereal Cheaters (Ccacc)

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Evaluation of Statistical Data from Oxford Cereals Thwarting Claims of Consumers Concerned About Cereal Cheaters (CCACC)

In the previous correspondence to your office dated April 27, 2014, analysis of data was presented to you showing that Consumers Concerned About Cereal Cheaters (CCACC) misrepresented the Oxford Cereals packaged weights for two (2) of their cereals, Oxford O’s and Alpine Granola Frosted Flakes. I have received further statistical data from Oxford Cereals in support of its claims that CCACC has indeed misrepresented their company related to the packaged weights. This additional statistical data was analyzed and these findings will be outlined for your further review. The following statistical data was conclusive in determining that the claim of Oxford Cereals cheating their customers was not true. There is no definitive proof that the claims of boxed weights being short of 368 grams are true.
New information

Ted Grable, CEO of Oxford Cereals visited Oxford Cereal Plant Number 1 with several members of the public, several off-duty firefighters and police officers, and a television reporter, Sharon Danyl. A random day was chosen by Ms. Danyl and the firefighters and police officers randomly collected 40 boxes from each of the cereal’s production lines, collecting a total of 80 boxes of cereal. The 80 boxes of cereal were then boxed and transported to an independent laboratory by agents from Parcel Express Delivery Systems. The boxes were weighed and tested and the results were sent to Oxford Cereals officials and Ms. Danyl concurrently. Ms. Danyl then reported the test results on that night’s news stating that the average weight of the random sample of boxes of cereal were greater than the 368 grams stated on the box labels. The weights of the 80 boxes were provided to us by Oxford Cereals but do not state which weight belongs to which…...

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