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Evaluating Media Coverage

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Evaluating Media Coverage

My first online video story was on CNN and it covered the “Lockerbie Bomber Dies in Tripoli”. The length of this video was around 3:22 and I found this story playing on people’s emotions. What it showed (which was terrible) was a man convicted of bombing a airline flight back in 1988(Pan Am, flight 103), which killed all 270 people on board. The Lockerbie bomber was given 27 years but only served about eight years, because of prostate cancer. They interviewed the passengers family’s and they expressed how they thought about his early release. This was a good way to get an emotional response in the audience/public. However, they did bring up some interesting points like the fact that Libya threatened Britain in a statement that if the bomber died in a Scottish jail, there would be dire consequences. Of course, when asked about this, this was denied. People in Scotland were interviewed and many thought that he was being used as a “scapegoat” so to speak. Even the possibility that he may have even been a Libyan Intelligence Agent was mentioned but that was never proven, even in the trial.
My second online news video was with Fox News about the continuing story about baby Lisa and the newest updates. It had the parents and their attorney at the news station being interviewed, as well as flash backs with the same reporter from the beginning. This interview lasted 10:27 which is quite a bit longer then the first video but then again, we are talking about a missing child. This is part two, and it is showing viewers more updates on the case. This particular video was well played, not biased. The interviewer, Megan Kelly, really kept asking the parents how they felt and how they feel the investigation is going. I don’t think that in this type of reporting that by using the parents emotions that you are trying to get more viewers for ratings. Just the opposite. By using the emotions here, your making more people aware of this situation and that hopefully somebody with information will step forward. She also brought up new evidence that the father’s credit card was used online on Nov. 8, (after the baby was missing), to an online site that changes baby’s names. That went unnoticed until mid-December. This added up with the two mysterious people involved that they cannot seem to find really seems strange. However, I would have to say that I would give this site and reported the most credibility, due to fact that it showed previous interviews where the parents were saying one thing and this reporter brought up the fact that not only were the timelines were off, but also did she openly admit to the FBI about having five to ten glasses of wine that night? The child’s mother admitted to having a drinking problem and yes that she told the FBI everything. Even there attorney was speaking with them and for them.
I guess that by having the parents there face- to-face like that and the length of the interview, and not feeling any bias in there, I have to go with Fox News.…...

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