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Introduction: At one point in time obesity used to stand for people of prosperity and wealth and it was very few who were obese mostly because everyone else was under nourished and suffered from malnutrition. Now obesity is very prevalent and can be seen everywhere on top of that the new age obese person is more than likely living somewhere below the poverty line. For a while America was leading in the race of the “obesity wars” but for the past couple of years Mexico has reigned number one in the most obese country category since 2013. There was a trend between all of the countries in the documentary, “Globesity”, all of these countries most affected by obesity had a very high and misleading influence from certain if not all processed food companies such as coca cola and nestle for example. These countries have to deal with companies misleading them, higher prices for healthier food, and years of malnutrition. Until these issue are fixed, obesity will and always will be prevalent.
Body: A lot of companies use persuasive commercials to capture their audience and potentially get a sale but this should be the only acceptable way of persuasion. Some of these companies are lying to these people in countries with mal-nutritional issues for example the Nestle company in the documentary had representatives tell consumers that the nestle products were high in nutritional value and energy. These products might have some values that are high but nutritional unfortunately is not one most of their products are high in sugar, salts, and carbs which can cause obesity if eaten too much over time. Not only is this unethical but economically it is wrong; yes this strategy might work for the companies themselves but having unnecessary diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure would not only put the citizens affected with it in financial ruins it would also affect that…...

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