Ethics and Your Career Path

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Ethics and Your Career Path
Ian Hughes
Broadview University

This paper takes a look at how to find a fulfilling career, and the importance of finding a company that operates in an ethical way. The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is explored, and we look at ways to keep yourself on track and being able to maintain separation between your personal and professional lives. This covers some steps in finding and maintaining a fulfilling career, and how to keep your eye on the prize. I also touch on how CSR plays a role in your fulfillment and how ethics ties it all together. Don’t be afraid to make big decisions and jump in with both feet! This is my interpretation of the course material to date.

Ethics and Your Career Path
There is no greater goal than to find yourself in a fulfilling career. How does one find such a thing? Wherever your path takes you, there are a few things to remember when trying to reach your goal of a fulfilling career. First, you don’t want to stay in limbo. It’s not a bad idea to give ideas some thought, but prolonged indecision is going to kill your drive. Being in limbo is one of the most powerless states there is, and while it can be terrifying to jump in and act you must! Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. Make the commitment and go – you can always correct your course on the way. Show up, try hard and see what happens. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve once you harness your fear and move forward. There are times when you don’t feel ready, but don’t let that hold you up. When you envision your goals, don’t get hung up on perceived challenges. That is the quickest way to make success seem impossible. There are times when an opportunity presents itself, and you have no idea how you’ll do it. Just say yes! No matter how qualified or experienced you are, push yourself to tackle new…...

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