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Phillip D. Marks, Sr.

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PHIL 2306

April 19, 2016

Report on Human Conduct, Problem of Ethics – Chapter 10

The opportunity to read this chapter during such a historic and to some volatile period was amazing. In studying this chapter, it enlightened my scope and view of arguing perspectives from all sides. For so many years, and I’d ashamedly admit until I read this chapter, I too equated justice with fairness. It’s just so easy to state that when justice is served, everyone is treated fairly. However, that’s just not always the case. Fair treatment is relative, depending on one’s opinion or who it is that you’re speaking with. The text reads that justice is individualistic. In this nation, there is a tendency to group so many entities and operate through collectivism. Entire races, genders, and cultures are often thrown into the same barrel of idealism and many are judged based on the actions of one. When it comes to race relations, it is easy for one African American male to be harassed in a store or while driving, because there is a collectivistic view of all black males by some. Just when I thought my mind had expanded beyond the point on fairness, I was then presented with the argument of equal treatment. Another blanket statement quoted in the chapter is, “everyone should be treated equally.” At first glimpse, this is a plausible statement. But when you begin to peel the onion of what equal treatment looks like, it changes your view by broadening your perspective. I was compelled through the examples provided to see that there are cases where preferential treatment is necessary based on need and circumstance. I thought the text would bring out instances where regardless of your profile, you are treated equal based on institutionalism. One example would be the military and another would be jail. Everyone in…...

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