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Ethics and Compliance Paper Ethics and compliance with laws demonstrates the integrity of corporations that strive to advocate these. Ethics serves as the backbone for a company to sustain a secure financial environment. To do so companies have to comply and make it a priority to incorporate these laws into every day practices. This paper will evaluate the role that ethics and compliance plays in Wal-Mart’s financial environment, explain Wal-Mart’s procedures to follow ethical behavior. It will also identify the processes that uphold SEC regulations as well as evaluate and calculate the company’s financial performance for the last two years discussing how that describes Wal-Mart’s financial health.
Wal-Mart’s Ethics and Compliance in its Financial Environment
Ethics and compliance plays an essential role in ensuring Wal-Mart’s continued success. Wal-Mart delineates expectations clearly and in an open manner on its company website. All employees adhere to the Wal-Mart’s statement of ethics. According to Wal-Mart Stores (2008), “All financial books, records, and accounts must accurately reflect financial transactions and events. They must conform to generally accepted accounting principles, and to Wal-Mart’s system of internal controls. No Wal-Mart document or record may be falsified for any reason” (Financial Integrity, para. 1).
By outlining responsibilities and going above what the law requires in terms of financial disclosures and records, Wal-Mart distinguishes itself from competitors. Companies, such as Wal-Mart, provide a sense of clearness and a high level of ethics by encouraging behavior that upholds the law.
Procedures in place to ensure ethical behavior
Wal-Mart incorporates several procedures to protect customers by enforcing a privacy policy that explains in details why, how, and when customers information is gathered or shared.…...

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