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“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” When Oprah Winfrey made this statement I believe she was trying to address those of us who believe that luck is just a good thing falling into one’s lap. But, frankly, any opportunity given must be ready to be received’ hence, preparation. Good things happen to people every day, but unless that person is ready to make the best of it, the potential that the opportunity once had will never come to pass. Needless to say I agree with Ms. Winfrey and the intentions behind this quote. I especially believe, for many reasons, both personal and not, that people must stop waiting for things to happen for them and work for what they want. This is the only way we can truly become and create anything great.
Personally, I am in the midst of living this quote. Having been out of school for a long time and working for many years, I have yet to make the impact on the world that I once dreamed of. Writing this essay and taking the previous parts of this entrance exam, I have taken my first steps in preparing myself for bigger, better, better and brighter opportunities that I know have been waiting for me. Not if, but when I am accepted into Western Governors University I will do even more preparation and soon my luck will change. It will change because I have allowed it to change. I will have allowed myself to become open to any opportunities I seek. Because without going to school and making the necessary preparations I now realize that I have limited myself.
When most people think of luck, they think of things that come out of nowhere, things completely out of their control. This is partly true, we may not be in complete control of any specific happening, such as a job offering or winning the lottery, but without having put yourself out there or having bought a ticket there would be no fortuity at all. I believe…...

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