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3.03 Honors Entrepreneur Interview
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1. What goods and or services does your company offer?
This company is a landscaping and grass cutting business.
2. How do you organize your business? (Identify sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation)
The business is organized by partnership.

3. What are the advantages to the way you organize your business?
The advantages are that each partner has their own roles, and everything is sort of split so that the responsibilities are equal.
4. What are the disadvantages?
The disadvantages are that you have to trust and depend on the other person, if they don’t do their part the business can fail.
5. Would you ever seek to sell stock in your company? Why or why would you not?
No, there isn’t anything to sell stock for.
6. What was the greatest challenge in starting your company?
Getting all the equipment together, and finding clients that will trust you and making a bond with them.
7. What advice would you give a young person who wants to start his or her own company?
If you want to start your own business then follow your dream.
Answer this question in a detailed paragraph of at least 3-5 sentences: If you were to start your own business, what would it be and how would you organize it? Explain why.
I would open a restaurant because I love to cook, and I love when people get to enjoy my food. I would organize it with a partnership with one of my family members because I know I can rely on them. My family would be good together if we opened a restaurant, it would be hard getting started but I know it would run smoothly after we got everything together!…...

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