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I. Answer 1. What do you know about proteins?

Proteins are important molecules in cells, is one macromolecule organic. They are compound of large amino acid chains and distingue of the rest of the macromolecule by containing Nitrogen; they are involucre in the many processes of the organism, such as: the formation of membranes of the cells (structure), bioregulation (enzymes) and defense (antibodies). The structure three-dimensional and specific function of proteins this defined by the sequence of amino acids, this information this codified in the DNA, therefore the protein synthesis from DNA.

Proteins can be described according their function, for example: some types of hormones, transmit signals to coordinate biological processes between different cells, performing as messenger; other may be the transporter the small molecules within cells and throughout the body. They are also can be classified based on Shape (Globular or Corpuscular Proteins, Fibrous or Fibrillar Proteins), composition and solubility (Fibrous or Fibrillar Proteins, Conjugated or Complex Proteins or Heteroproteins) on the type of prosthetic group present.

There are four structural levels of organization to describe the Proteins based on the complexity of the molecule. They are Primary Structure, Secondary structure, Tertiary structure and Quaternary structure.

2. What do you like most, chicken or beans? Explain, persuade and illustrate your point of view

3. Give a proposal to solve some problems around proteins, for instance: how to handle a lack of protein effects for example weakness, infections, irritability, skin rash, hair texture changes or shocks.

To prevent the diseases appearing caused by protein deficiency, it should be consumed mainly omega-3-fatty acids every day. Besides fruits and vegetables essentially consume citrus fruits as a source of vitamin B6…...

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