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This will be my fourth attempt at taking an English Composition course. While the previous three attempts were unsuccessful for various reasons none of those were because reading or speaking is difficult or challenging. Writing, however, has always been difficult for me. So, coming up with a narrative essay to describe a reading or writing task that I found challenging seems like a monumental task of which I could never complete. The fact that the essay is the first task of my latest attempt at English Composition should be evidence of its significance.
I am a very direct and straightforward person. I have a tendency to speak honestly and openly without a lot of rhetoric or wordiness. I’ve been told by more than one person that I’m too blunt and I need to be more aware of others and their feelings. This openness has a tendency to show up in my writing as well. When I write, I get straight to the point. You can imagine then that when writing an essay that requires a certain amount of words, it is very difficult for someone like me.
My first attempt at an English Composition course was when I went to college for the first time. I was eighteen, and just moved out on my own. I moved approximately two hours away, to attend Snow College, in Ephraim, UT. As I understood it, you graduate high school, go to college and graduate, and then get a great job. In order to graduate from college I had to take the general courses, which included English. I must have been delusional when I registered! I registered for all seven a.m. courses. I attended classes for the first couple of weeks, but started falling behind due to my freshman lifestyle. I decided to drop some of my classes, so that I wouldn’t receive the failing grades permanently. One of those classes happened to be English. My great job and the rest of my life would have to wait. Attempt number one…...

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