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The Complete Persepolis is a story about how to fight for freedom in Iran. As a young generation and growing up in the modern family, Marjane Strapi shares her experience about her childhood with the time of revolution for freedom. Marjane grew up in French language school in Tehran and her family has high education and modern in its outlook when the Iran revolution happened. In this book, she points out how people were suffering in the society without freedom. She recognized the different social classes exist and suffering in her country. In the “the Complete Persepolis”, Strapi mentions a lot of kind of freedom such as religion, gender, education or political. In my point of view, she makes a good point that the gender and religion problem which is the big problem in society.
At the beginning, in the first chapter “The Veil”, Strapi mentions about gender problem by sharing her story about the veil and school. The girls have to wear the veil at school but she does not know the reason. The veil and school become segregated by gender. She said that “we found ourselves veiled and separate from our friend” (Satrapi, 4). They must be separate in different classes if they do not wear the veils. It is kind of discrimination with students. The students are lack of freedom to do in school. They have to follow the rules that women have to cover their head and men cover arm. It is strict and makes student cannot comfortable in school. It is just a small thing about gender discrimination about outlook. This has a lot of effects to her family that Marjane’s mother gets assaulted for not wearing a veil, and at a demonstration against the veil, Marjane sees women getting beaten up. It is not fair for women especially in the modern family like Marjane’s family.
Another problem in gender discrimination is the…...

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