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Eng 221 Week 3 Individ Paper

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Appendix E

Water Resource Challenges

|Freshwater Resource Challenge |Description |
|Too Much Water |Too much water can cause flooding. This can lead to |
| |property damage. |
|Poor Quality Water |Poor water quality can be cause by too much precipitation. |
|Not enough Water |Many farmers and other people don't have enough water to |
| |take care of their land and crops. |
|Ocean Water Resource Challenge |Description |
|Overfishing |Certain fisheries are being over fished for human |
| |consumption. The decrease in population is causing damage |
| |to the ecosystem. |
|Coastal Development |Coastal development causes areas to become overpopulated, |
| |polluted, and destroys natural habitats. |
|Pollution |Dumping garbage, sewage, and other waste releases pollutants|
| |and toxins that kill the ecosystem. |

Offshore mining has become a big problem. We know that oil drilling is effecting…...

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