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Checkpoint Employees’ Union Axia Student
Week 6
Earl Alexander
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As a supervisor of any company, one must remain fair and also objective when dealing with employees, the union, and upper management. A supervisor is a person who is responsible for ensuring work is being accomplished and progress is being made that improves a company’s success rate. The supervisor plays the “middle man” role in most companies, and acts as a liaison between upper management and employees.

The best plan of action to take in a situation where rumors are flying around, is to first get to the bottom of the real issue. Unions will take complaints straight to upper management if it feels as though nothing is being resolved by talking to lower management and the other’s involved. The first thing that can be done to get the facts is to hold an informational meeting with those involved. See to it that this meeting stays on course and the discussion of possible legislature to prevent discrimination is the main topic, and stick to that. As a supervisor, many issues can be eliminated by just conversation and installing an action plan to try to resolve the problem. This communication should be enough to hold off the union until other necessary actions can be taken. However, as the supervisor, I would also discuss these action plans with upper management so that they all know and understand what is underway and why.

Open lines of communication creates a more friendly and professional environment. This is where the supervisor must ensure the lines remain open, and people begin to discuss thoughts, issues, and potential problems before the problems get out of control. All levels of staff should remain in the loop, and the chain of command should be acknowledged and followed promptly before the union becomes involved.…...

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