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Introduction The department I chose to study is the customer care department of a wireless carrier located in Michigan. This is a call center environment and the company employs 250+ representatives at this particular location. In the customer care department there are representatives, supervisors, four associate directors and one head director of the overall department. Each supervisor has 12-15 representatives that they must oversee. The duties of each representative consist of retaining customer business by renewing contracts, present data solutions, offer accessories, demonstrate equipment functions and network capability and answer customer billing questions. The supervisors’ job is to monitor daily team results to ensure performance, retention and objective compliance, complete monthly reporting, provide effective feedback, supervise, educate and motivate their team to exceed all performance measures.
I have worked for this same wireless carrier for 4 years and I currently work in their financial service department but I have a few close friends who work in the customer care department who don’t be satisfied with their jobs. I found this quite interesting because we all worked for the same company but there seemed to be a huge difference in job satisfaction from department to department. In order to find out what this difference is from our department to theirs I did an hour of side by sides with some of the customer care representatives and gave my friends from the department a survey to fill out that dealt with job satisfaction.
Problem Statement Most of the feedback I received from the employees in this department is that management spends a lot of time micromanaging its employees. The employees do not feel empowered to make decisions because they feel that they will be reprimanded later for their decision. The number of FMLA (Family Medical Leave…...

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