Employee Recruitment and Selection

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Employee Recruitment and Selection
Mara Jasmine Cirujeda Herman
HRM 531
January 11, 2011
Antonio F. Vianna

Intelligent recruitment strategies are important to succeed in business. The purpose of this paper is to choose the correct recruitment for an organization.
Internal recruitment
“Initial consideration should be given to a company’s current employees, especially for filling jobs above the entry level” (Cascio, 2010, p. 207).
San Diego Unified School District is a very notorious district for choosing employees, especially for high ranking and specialized jobs from their current pool of employees. Their hiring practices are well known to only hire interior employees because the positions are advertised in their employment board and supposedly exterior applicants have the opportunity to apply for positions, but all the openings available for San Diego Unified are being filled by employees that lost their jobs in another schools. They are being sent to another school that has an opening or also got rid of another employee. I named this practice of the district “recycling jobs.”
External recruitment
“To meet demands for talent brought about by business growth, a desire for fresh ideas, or to replace employees who leave, organizations periodically turn to the outside labor market” (Cascio, 2010, p. 211).
San Diego Unified School District hires also employees from the outside through their human resources department. They provide training to substitute employees in their Freemont Training Center. This training appears to help outsiders learn the computer systems and programs used in school at the district. This instruction helps the outside applicant to get more possibilities to get a job interview.
Advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment
“Among the channels available for internal recruitment, the most popular ones are…...

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