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Message 1 Reply
Sender: ----

To: Thomas Jans, HR Assistant

Subject: Happy Anniversary!


Thank you Thomas!

Everything is going well. This has been interesting and filled with continuing growth within the company. I do have a few questions, and would like to review 401k and benefits, as well as any evaluations that may have been completed.
Please let me know when you are available to meet.
Thanks for the anniversary acknowledgement. I look forward to meeting with you.

Best regards,

Message 2 Reply
Sender: ----

To: Margaret Harris, HR Manager

Date: October 1, 20xx

Subject: Important Policy Change: Vacation Schedule


Good morning!

Thank you for the email explain the change to the vacation policy, but I do have a few questions.
1) Is the new policy for vacations of a specific length? And if so what is that length.
2) Is the vacation that has already been approved still scheduled, or do we need to submit the requests again?
3) Are requests subject to seniority?
4) Does unused vacation time rollover into the next year, and lastly
5) What is the balance of my vacation days available
Thank you, for answering these questions.
Best regards,

Message 3 Reply
Sender: ----

To: Michael Jones, Quality Foods

Subject: Today's Conference Call


I apologize for missing this morning's conference call with Chef Bill. I had the call scheduled in my calendar for 1:30PM this afternoon.
There will be 450 people attending the luncheon, but would like to reschedule the conference call with Chef Bill to discuss the menu. I am available anytime this afternoon, as well as any time before 2:00PM tomorrow.

Please advise with if the conference call can be rescheduled or if I should email menu ideas.
Once again, my apologies for missing the call,

Message 4 Reply
Sender: ----

To: Blake Edwards

Subject: Summer Job Opportunity


Thank you for your interest in a summer job opportunity with Blue Bay Resorts. We have several seasonal positions available that fit your current experience, and skillset.
Please refer to our careers page located at and submit an application to any positions that interest you.

You will be contacted to arrange an in person interview. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Seasonal Positions Hiring Manager
Message 5 Reply
Sender: ----

To: Angel Murphy, Kitchen Manager

Subject: Confidential


Thank you for bringing this to my attention, this must be handled as soon as possible.
Yes, we should have HR in the meeting with her to ensure she understands all of her options. We should also speak to the HR briefly before the meeting to ensure we understand what we should do to assist the employee, and what, if any, action should be taken with the bellman.
Remember confidentiality is key here. Please do not disclose any information regarding this incident to anyone but the parties involved and HR.
Please schedule these meetings as soon as possible.

Thank you.…...

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