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Hello sir/madam.
Rights are constitutional and are meant to be followed to ensure easy life amongst the citizens of a given sovereign state. However, rights are not absolute in the sense that they apply to certain limits, beyond which they violate other rights or create inappropriateness to the livelihoods of others. The constitution being a set of principles, constituted and aimed towards ensuring that the people of the given sovereignty obey the rule of law, it as well serves as a watchdog that safeguards the people’s rights. These rights are stipulated in the bill of rights which forms the basic segment of the constitution. And since the rights are not absolute, the constitution goes ahead in providing boundaries to which a certain law applies. For example the right to speech doesn’t mean shouting is also protected under the law.
Having said that, I would wish to present my case concerning human rights violation ,on the people affected that I happen to represent hereby. These are citizens who have been denied the right to have legally gained arms in their residences. This has been done even in the midst of the democratic change ,that is happening in this era and even oblivious to the second amendment ,that protects individuals to possessing firearms and using them in lawful purposes, these residents have been denied their right .The purpose of these amendment was to defend the peoples lives and property, against criminal acts where these provision, would serve as a supplement to the national central government’s security measures of protecting its citizens. The living conditions in storm shelters where these people leave are very insecure, as some of these are just makeshift establishments that would call for urgent attention to raise the ban if security is an Agenda that your office would address.
In the same accord, I wish to…...

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