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If the desire to attend school for the first time or go back to school is there, but your hectic day-to-day schedule prevents you from attending traditional classes on a regular basis then maybe distance learning is right for you! With minimum requirements for attendance, flexibility in the schedule, and all materials and information for you, online classes have become the solution for those wanting to expand their education.

Inside the online course environment, in lieu of a traditional classroom you will have a Forum which is where all the interaction takes place between you, the instructor and the other classmates. In the Forum, the instructor can post helpful tips, tricks, and questions to provoke discussion about the topics that week. The Threaded Discussion feature helps out tremendously with keeping everyone on the same page and all discussions and sub-discussions organized. However, this would not be easy, if at all possible, without there being Asynchronous Communication. This allows everyone in the class to participate wherever there are and whenever they want; the time of day is no issue. Everyone can be involved in deep discussion and other class activities. Just like traditional classes, assignments and due dates are still very much important. Each week the instructor has several days set aside for when Discussion Board responses are to be posted and when the deadline is for certain assignments. Online does give an added bonus to assignments, depending upon the instructor, you can get in-depth constructive Feedback on the work that you submit! However, feedback does not end with the instructor, depending on the circumstances of that week you can also get feedback from other classmates.

Traditional classes are not for everyone, especially for those who need flexibility during their weeks. But with the features of online Forums, threaded…...

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...Otis and the Central Role of Information and IT May 18, 2011 I. Key Business Objectives Bousbib developed several key business objectives in response to the changing operational landscape of elevators, escalators and moving walkways industry. No longer would Otis be considered an “old-line industrial company.” Among these key initiatives and changes were: * Vision: Become the “recognized leader in service excellence among all companies – not just elevator companies – worldwide.” * Culture: Change the norms, values and processes of Otis – how they do business – so that the company focus shifts from a manufacturing company to that of a service company. Become the number one service company in the world. * Systems/Functions: Both systems and business functions need to be changed to align their processes and procedures with the new company vision and culture. This included integrating pre-existing systems already established in the company such as Otisline and REM and go from managing the flow of products, to managing the flow of information. * Growth: Provide excellent service in mature elevator regions as service and repair account for 75% of revenues in these locations. Expand to key growth areas and emerging markets such as China in order to win new business and stay ahead of their competitors. * Redefine Services: Go beyond traditional support tools such as Otisline and REM and include new equipment design, supply chain, new equipment......

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