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Elementary Education


8 November 2009

2 Elementary Education

School year 2007-2008, there were approximately 22,434 out of 450,000 students dropped out of high school a 5% dropout rate in the state of North Carolina (North Carolina Board of Education 2009). This rate was entirely too high and we as parents, teachers, educators, and a community need to work to combat this unacceptable rate. We have to start early to stress the importance of education to our children and go the extra mile(s) to assist them and instill in them that they can succeed no matter the odds. Education starts at elementary level; if it is not fostered at that level then graduating from high school is almost an impossible goal to attain.

Lake Rim Elementary school is in Fayetteville, NC and was established in March 2000, the school has a student count of 661 students (North Carolina K-12 website 2009). Lake Rim elementary has met the annual adequate yearly progress from 2001-2005, from 2005-2007 they did not meet annual yearly progress but met attendance target (Lake Rim Elementary School website 2009). In 2007-2008 the school met high growth and attendance target. Teacher to student ratio is 1:14 (Lake Rim Elementary School website 2009) and the state of North Carolina is 1:15 (North Carolina K-12 website 2009) and there are 98 students in kindergarten at Lake Rim Elementary School (Lake Rim Elementary School website 2009). The school, faculty, staff, and parents are responsible for assisting students with their academics to help the school raise it academics scores. The school has adapted a program called Lightspan Achieve Now program. This program was design to assist students with math, and reading and it conducts three times a week in a lab setting for 35 minutes to help student with math and reading. The program…...

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