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“Advantages and disadvantages of using electric cars as a major type of transportation in Hong Kong”

In the past few years, there were a lot of discussions in Hong Kong about using electric cars as a primary type of transportation in this Asia’s World City. While it is commonly believed that electric vehicles (EV) have a number of positive sides, some scholars claim that there are still major disadvantages of using EV comparing to conventional cars (CV). In this essay, arguments from both sides are examined and my own opinion is provided.

There are numbers of researchers who advocate that the use of EV can decrease the negative impact of vehicles on the environment. According to research conducted by Elgowainy et al. (2009), EV produce almost two times less greenhouse gases (CO2) than the CV. Greenhouse gases are responsible for serious global warming problem (Carayannis, 2011). Therefore, using EV as a substitution of CV can help to solve the alarming global warming issue. In addition to decreasing greenhouse gases, another benefits of using EV is that it may enhance the quality of the air in the area. According to Mike Salisbury (2014), EV experience much more reduction in producing emission level of nitrogen oxides (NOX), a subject of air pollutant (Bell et al., 2012)., comparing to gasoline-fueled vehicles. Therefore, implementing more EV can help to address the air quality problem of Hong Kong. This might provide public health benefits to Hong Kong people. Adopting more EV in Hong Kong will give the worldwide contribution to solving such problems as global warming and air pollution.

Additionally to reduction of the car impact on the environment, another major point of using EV is that it can save money for the people who buy them. Even though the prices for EV cars are usually higher than for their competitors, in the long-term it gives monetary…...

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