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Media Ethics- Final Paper
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Ethical Issues within Social Media Sites:
The Past, The Present, and The Future

Social media came onto the scene in a huge manner with hype that hasn’t been matched since but with that huge hype that it brought, it brought along some problems as well, problems that social media users are still anxiously waiting to be fixed. Social media has grown so rapidly that network executives and engineers have had a hard time keeping media websites up to par with the expectations of the public and keeping people interested as well as making sure they are updating security features too. The lack of care for other people’s personal information it feels like in a sense, have created a few current and potentially fatal future problems for these social networking sites. Unfair and/or undefined privacy laws, the hacking of user profiles, and the lack of technological advancement used within sites by website personnel all pose threats for some social media sites now and as time progresses. The actions they choose to put in play now and over the next few weeks, months, and years will determine how successful some certain sites are and how long we can expect their media presence to play on.
Privacy is a state where in an individual can have his/her information in seclusion, resulting in a selective revelation of one’s identity and information and which they choose to reveal it. Privacy can also mean “anonymity” in case any person wants to remain unidentified to all lengths. Privacy can also be related to the security aspect of an individual or information. The definitions of privacy can differ across and among different individuals and cultures. The invasion of privacy can be avoided by the issue of certain privacy laws by our government. The Internet which hosts an enormous information storage base, has…...

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