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Generally, Tokyo and Osaka are the two major cities is the two major cities in Japan that have a very different characteristic.
Culture of Tokyo vs Culture of Osaka

Udagawa(n.d.) states that “Originally, there are difference between food culture between Kansai and Kanto and meat is preferred to pork in Kansai. Brand meat such as Matsuzaka meat, Kobe meat and Oumi meat represent this culture and consumption rate of meat per family in Kansai is higher than that of Kanto. In other hand, consumption rate of port per family in Kanto is higher than that of Kansai. It is common for Kansai people to use meat and Kanto people to use pork for cooking Nikujaga, the traditional Japanese home cuisine.”(my translation)


Gajet of Gajetdaisuke.com explains that while people in Tokyo emphasis on building their career since many of them are responsible for dealing a big projects, people in Kansai emphasis on money because many of them are doing a small business such as running a small manufacturing company or small shop. Kansai peoples are so keen to the money that few people in Kansai receive social aid and few people become a victim of fraud compared to other regions(2010).



Hattori explains that in Edo era, very few Samurai lived in Osaka and majority of citizens in Osaka was merchandiser. They made an important role to rule the Osaka region in terms of politics and…...

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