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Efes Restaurant Company Information and contact details Business Name: Efes Turkish Restaurant Definition: Serving Turkish dishes Address: Efes/ 230 Commercial Road E1 2NB London The nearest tube station: Aldgate East and Bond Street stations Phone: 0207 790 3299 Email: Earning: £35000 + Total Number of Employees: 15

Introduction to the Company
History of the company. Efes is a restaurant that sells traditional different types of Turkish dishes such as grill/ kebabs, authentic stews and rice dishes as well. The first Efes restaurant opened in 2000 and the owner of this company is Turkish male called Kazim Usta. This company is getting popular in the UK because of its quality. This restaurant has about 70 sitting capacity with its takeaway services. This restaurant is good for people who are a big fan of lamb, chicken, kebabs, and beef. Moreover, it has a lot of vegetarian options such as Falafel, Halloumi, Pechanga, and Borek as well. This restaurant has awesome staffs are experienced. In this restaurant staff turnover is very low because first of all, Company is offering good salary, holiday pay and amazing discounts to their staffs.
Efes restaurant’s goals and objectives. This has a lot of goals and objectives such as customer service and food quality. If you go to this restaurant, staffs are so polite and they try to make you happy and serve your foods so quickly. Restaurant’s chiefs always use fresh ingredients such as vegetables, meat and others that’s why they don’t have problem with quality. They Furthermore, in this restaurant food hygiene is excellent and they have got food hygiene certificate. Every Sunday staffs do deep cleaning in order to keep the restaurant tidy and clean.
The target of the company. This company is targeting to expand and open their new branches in other cities such as Manchester and Birmingham. Moreover, this restaurant wants to be the best company in the UK.
Typical customer base. As I mentioned customer service above, it is getting better day by day as a result of this, and we can see that a lot their clients are leaving good comments and feedbacks. That’s why this small restaurant is busy at all time.


Strength | Weaknesses | Opportunity | Threats | Experienced staffs | Low profit margins | Excellent location | Low economy | Endless customers | Low capacity | High demand of Turkish food | Changing trends every time | The best quality | Poor technology | Expandable company | Government regulations | Good reputation | Offering a product which is already available on the market. | Home meal delivery | Heavy investments on promotion decrease market share |…...

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