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Economic Contribution of Women in Bangladesh

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1. Bangladeshhas prepared a poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP)

2. NationalAction Plan for Women’s Advancement (NAP)

3. Smalland Medium Enterprise (SME)

4. ReadyMade Garment(RMG)

5. BangladeshBank(BB)


Although women in Bangladesh make a direct and equal contribution to that of men in economical contributions, their productive worth is not acknowledged by this male‐dominated society. Some principal reasons for the lack of recognition include the inferior social and religious status of women, seclusion through systematic segregation, negligible legal and property rights ,sex discrimination in gaining access to economic activities, lack of valuation of women's activities, and absence of government policies regarding women’s development. Male‐dominated Bangladesh society undervalues women's work by paying them less than men with the same workload and even with the same output. Credit is taken over by their male counterparts (husbands). This report explores the contribution of women in Agriculture, SME and RMG sectors that would recognize women's labor and incorporate women incomprehensive development activities throughout Bangladesh.


Bangladesh has a population around 140 million (July 2011EST.). About 45% of them are still living below the poverty line. Bangladesh’s Human development index (HDI) is 139 (out of 177), ranking as the lowest in the Asian country list. Although women in Bangladesh make a direct and equal contribution to that of men in ECONOMICS. Some principal reasons for the lack of recognition include the inferior social and religious status of women, seclusion through systematic segregation, negligible legal and property rights, sex discrimination in gaining access to economic activities, lack of valuation of women's activities, and absence of government policies regarding…...

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