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...International Trade and Finance Speech ECO 372 April 24, 2012 Kevin McKinley Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to prepare a speech that will be provided to a number of reporters that are not well versed with economics. In this paper I will put emphasis on international trade and foreign exchange rates and how those affect the GDP, domestic markets, and students. I will also outline some of the benefits on goods and services that are imported from other countries and how those contribute to our economy in the United States. International Trade to GDP In order to understand international trade it is important to recognize what the effects of international trade have on the GDP, domestic markets and university students. International trade is essentially when two or more countries exchange goods and services. Many countries export their goods and services to other countries and in turn may also import goods and services from other countries into their own. There have been exceptional achievements with technology, which have made it much easier to trade on an international level. The communication, as a result of these technology advancements, has improved exponentially and it has truly simplified this process. With that being said it can be confirmed that international trade has a profound effect on the GDP, domestic markets and even university students like me. There are many countries that are rich in technology, like China and Japan, and......

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