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Guideline to compose a full Paper

( headline in 1 or 2 lines, font Arial 18pt in bold)

First author * , second author,… (coauthor is specified by *, font Times New Roman 12pt in bold).

1. Title and a short address of first author, e-mail address (Times New Roman 10pt)

2. Title and a short address of second author, e-mail address (Times New Roman 10pt)

Abstract (Times New Roman 14pt in Bold)

Each paper should include an Abstract that has been composed between 120 and 300 words in one paragraph including left and right margins, which should be 35 mm from the edges of the paper. This section should independently explain the subject, aims, research method and a summary of the article 's results. However it is not considered as a preface. Mentioning the references must be avoided in this section.

The font to this section is (Times New Roman 11pt).

The position of the title in this section is 120 mm from the top of the page or upper edge.

Key words: minimum 4 and maximum 6 words which are separated by commas and placed in one line. (Times New Roman 11pt)

1. Introduction (Times New Roman 14pt in Bold)

This guideline has been composed for author's use according to the standard methods of this conference. Compliance with these standards is mandatory for all authors. Please note that this document has been prepared in compliance with the mentioned regulations and can be used as a sample after removal of symptoms and descriptions of additional guidance.

Writing papers requires word 2003 software in windows XP, and A4 paper is needed. In preparing the main text consider using the (Times New Roman 12pt) font and single line spacing.

The text of the paper should be provided with margins of 35 mm from the upper edge and 25 mm from the bottom, right, and left edges.…...

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