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Drinkin' with Dad

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Drinkin’ with Dad

My family likes to drink. In fact, looking back on my life, it is really what we did

together the most. It seemed like it was the one thing we were best at and proud of. My

Dad used to own a bar.

I began working at my Dad’s bar when I was still in school. I would walk to the bar

after football practice work at the bar. On weekends I would work one night in the back.

My brother John worked there too and my brother Brian got sent away.

One time we were drinking at the bar and some of the guys were arm wrestling. I

pretended I was beating Stan the bouncer and my Dad got mad at me for it. My Dad,

thought that I was really dissing Stan. My Dad then went to the bottle bin, took out

two empty beer bottles and smashed the bottoms off of them. He then told me to stand

opposite him. We’ll hold these bottles out here (about a foot away from our respective

faces), and at the count of ‘three’, we’ll grind this broken glass into each other’s faces.

Just then, Stan got between us and grabbed my Dad’s “bottle” hand. He broke us up

and Dad gave Stan a fake smile. He did not look at me and went to sit down.

My Dad was not always like this, especially now that he does not drink anymore. I

guess experiences like this let me know at an early age that my Dad could not really be

counted on. This made me more independent. This was what was considered a typical

experience for a seventh grade boy in my family.…...

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