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Does Education Pay

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Does Education Pay Students who attend institutions of higher education receive personal financial and other lifelong perks. Being a student or colleague of most institutions can be a plus on one’s resume. And accumulating and maintaining good grades can make success and a guarantee future. Although it can be costly, post secondary schooling can open up doors to a bright and productive future. My mother Veta has her masters in psychology and never been without a career throughout her life. She spent most of her time in the human resource department at Chrysler Corporation. Her annual income before taxes is over $65,000 annually. She always encourage going to college and stay into it. Now she’s retired from Chrysler and now is a substitute teacher for an elementary school in Florida and loves it. Having a degree helps an employer decide on who is the right candidate for the position. It’s a solid academic history that describes the stability of attending school every day and getting good grades. This will allow the employer to identify a firm background from a graduate that is in tune with rule, fast pace, and easy learner. An employer hiring from a law firm is looking for a CEO of the company. I know they will hate to have to hire a CEO every month because of potential walk offs or no call no shows. Sometimes it does take more than just having completing higher education courses. Competition does exist in the work force. Applying extras on the employer’s application to the background expresses being the perfect candidate for the job will really accelerate chances of landing the position. Volunteer work is a major plus on one’s resume. A higher education is a guarantee way to receive a higher pay, likable job, and great benefits to maintain a successful and happy life. I am finishing up what I started and plan to do so until I obtain my…...

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