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The poet
Now the first is a poet with talent
He sets up process with complete balance
Every scribble every rhyme pushing the limits
I’m his mind and infinite maze that thoughts emit
His words so soulful and yet so lonely
It’s hard to he’s written them only
By night he’s dark and brute
By day he’s soft as soot
His paim that’s without a doubt
Every morning his mind pours on paper like a spout
He’s not too loud and not too quiet
With all he writes you would think he’s a root
But alas he’s not , a timid young fool
Whose proms speak volumes in the the room
His pen is mighty and his brain is sleek
His clothes so dapper throughout the week
While the ladies savor he’s kept in his room
With pen to paper until next june.


Rosalia a name of many but only one counts
My love my muse I love with every once
She’s calm and timid no bad in her blood.
Those warm eyes she gives you calls on a heart flood.
Beyond a reasonable doubt she is the one for him
He sits in his room stargazing juts like a wimp
But alas he is nervous and everyone can see
That her love real flame burns deeply in thee
Long hair brown eyes and oh so creamy skin
He hopes to write something that will catch him a win
With her heart because there is no other like
The beautiful Rosalia who is such a sight
He walks to her Dorr breathing confidence in his lungs
He gets to her window and there his heart takes a plunge
There goes his Rosalia looking beautiful indeed.
But another in the frame a man build like a steed.
Heart broken heart crushed are the feelings being felt.
By the young people whose eyes she once met.
One pen in hand and heart broken into two
Solitude follows the poet as his shade t…...

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...revengeful and ambitious. The one thing all scholars unanimously agree upon is that Hamlet is a multi-faceted individual who is, while noble, also arrogant, revengeful and ambitious. This is the dilemma that Rosenberg (1992) feels lies behind the drama and puzzle of Hamlet which in turn makes choosing a character that can adequately play Hamlet’s role very difficult: “There have been gentle Hamlets, fierce hamlets, intellectual Hamlets, passionate hamlets, sophisticated Hamlets, naïve Hamlets, melancholy Hamlets; spirited Hamlets, and more” (Rosenberg,1992) each trying to capture and create the perfect Hamlet. Not only must actors adapt Hamlet’s character to their own, and, therefore, the individual perceives Hamlet according to his own image, but the actors themselves have a difficult time interpreting the intent of Hamlet’s actions. Rosenberg (1992) observes that “in every single scene in which Hamlet appears… choices must be made.” Why, for instance, did Hamlet withdraw from killing Claudius in the prayer scene; why do his objectives shift from returning at once to Wittenberg? The diversity of Hamlets character affects his ability to properly rule his country. He needs to not be so focused on his personal life. Hamlet is a very multi-faceted person who is noble but is too proud, revengeful and ambitious. Thus it is his downfall and prolongs his countries turmoil. Different authors have portrayed Hamlet in different ways. Goethe has portrayed him as too delicate for......

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...In the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, the protagonist Hamlet must overcome his internal conflict to live or die. The famous “to be, or not to be” soliloquy by Hamlet reveals that he is contemplating to commit suicide. However, Hamlet’s mind is pulled in conflicting directions, one is the obligation to revenge his father’s death and the other is the motivation to end his life along with his worries. The conflict within Hamlet contributes to the meaning of this play because Hamlet questions the underlying question of what the purpose of life is and what will happen with death. Old King Hamlet had died and Hamlet continues to mourn his father’s death while losing track of time. His father’s ghost who told Hamlet that Claudius killed his father visited him. Hamlet is aware that he must revenge for his father by killing Claudius, the man who betrayed his brother and bed with his brother’s wife. In Hamlet’s soliloquy “to be, or not to be, that is the question…,” we can see that Hamlet faces an internal conflict. Hamlet does not want to live because life is too troublesome and tortuous. If Hamlet were to end his life, then he would be able to end his worries. Hamlet questions if he should live or die. However, if Hamlet chose to end his life, then he would be unable to fulfill his filial responsibilities to his father. Hamlet would be a coward if he selfishly chose to free himself from the torments of life. Although Hamlet wants to end the unhappiness he feels in his......

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...In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet experiences his mother’s remarriage to his uncle and Ophelia’s rejection which makes him feels very upset and angry about women. “Frailty, thy name is woman.”(1.2.146) This suggests that Hamlet thinks that all women in the world are weak and act in the same way. At the beginning of the play, Ophelia describes Hamlet’s love for her that Hamlet has a great affection on her and he has made the holiest vows to her. However, Polonius still asks Ophelia to leave Hamlet. Later in the play, Ophelia follows her father’s advice and rejects Hamlet’s love. Hamlet starts to treat Ophelia terribly. It brings to a question that whether Hamlet loves Ophelia or not. Hamlet is angry for Gertrude’s remarriage to Claudius because he loves and cares about his mother. It is the same for Ophelia. His mad and angry acts towards Ophelia show readers that he loves and cares about Ophelia because no one will be mad if he is betrayed by someone who is insignificant to him. The ways Hamlet talks and treat Gertrude are almost the same with the ways treats Ophelia. This shows Ophelia is as important as his mother. Hamlet is upset for his mother’s hasty remarriage and his thought of his mother worsen when the ghost tells him that Gertrude marries to a person who is the murderer of his father. He loves his mother so much that draws him to madness. He starts to treat his mother badly. “What wilt thou do? Thou wilt not murder me? Help, help, ho!” (3.4.22-23) He is......

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...Hamlet Essay Nicole Schinke Truth is seen differently through different people, for example in Hamlet people appear as one way, where in reality they really aren't like that (Claudius), as well as others in the play who just hide behind a mask. They differentiate between what is a lie/ fake and what is the truth. Some people think that the truth hurts so they try and avoid it. Other people may think that the truth can set you free. The pursuit of truth is a challenging and satisfying affair. In this play, Hamlet is more looking for the pursuit of truth rather than revenge. He’s been looking for his father’s killer. He wants to know who killed his father just so he can act upon it and get revenge. He ends up finding out that the killer was his uncle who ended up marrying his mother. Truth can cause so much curiosity that can really make or break some people in life. Claudius is a big liar and coward in Hamlet, he is a master of deception. He shows that he is grieving and sad about his dead brother but in reality he is very dark and is the killer. We know since the beginning of the play that Hamlet does not like his uncle being married to his mother which is another reason to get rid of the king. The ghost of Sir Hamlet gives him a plan that seems like a great idea. “ The serpent that did sting thy father’s life/Now wear his crown” (1.5 39-40) This was still at the point where he didn't know the truth that Claudius did kill his father so he waited and didn't jump to the......

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