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Do You Think It Is Acceptable to Sacrifice the Life of One Person to Save Two?

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This question is particularly controversial. There’s the option of trying to save a person in a heroic way, or simple saving yourself and sacrificing the other person, and avoiding death yourself. I believe that in it is acceptable to sacrifice the life of one person, to avoid two people dying. I think this because even though there is a chance of you saving the other person, but in most situations it is very unlikely and rational of the person to try and do so. Therefore, making the event of two people dying instead of one seems like a silly, stupid option, and all that for the off chance that you might save the person.
Also, it is the duty of any person or society that when given a situation where at least one person will die, we should try to save as many people as possible. Therefore, we take the choice where there is the least amount of sacrifice: we sacrifice one innocent person, so that 1 may live. It's only common sense; better to have one dead than two. As humans, our moral duty is to save as many lives as possible in any given situation. Surely we should always you try to keep as many people alive as possible. On the off chance that the person risks their life and does save the other person, and then it was still a risk taken, but a risk also worthwhile. In terms of people’s morals and ethics, no-one would ever consider sacrificing the life off another person, as it would be against most people’s natural instinct.
In the book ‘touching the void’, Simon knows that Joe is a dead man and has to cut the rope and leave Joe there too die, in this situation, Simon has only one thing too do. Though you would think he had the choice off trying to help him and risk his own life, but deep down he knew he would never survive with the injured Joe. This was not out of meanness, or cruelty, but he is being realistic.
If you do sacrifice the person, you will always have the burden of knowing that you let an innocent man die, just to try and save yourself.
In many situations in the real world, it is not out of cruelness, but out of smartness. It is acceptable to sacrifice the life of one person dying. The person probably knows that he is going to die, and that person would properly want the person to leave him and save him.
It also depends very much on who the person is being sacrificed is. For example, would you sacrifice a young 5-year old to save 5 90-year olds? Or what if the one innocent person we killed to save 3 people were to become the scientist who finds the cure to cancer and save millions of lives worldwide in the future?
In conclusion, I say it all depends on the moment and what type of person you are. If you are the type of person who is willing to leave a person and sacrifice there lives than it’s an easy decision. But for a lot of people, it is a very hard decision, which could change your life forever.…...

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