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“I am selfish. I am brave.” This is what Beatrice said to herself when she came to the realization that she isn't who she thought she was. In the movie Divergent Beatice was born into the faction called Abnegation, meaning the selfless. She always knew she was different, but it wasn't until she turned sixteen when she realized where she actually belonged, Dauntless, the faction for the brave. Throughout the process of deciding which faction she belonged in, Beatrice (later known as Tris) goes through many emotions. The movie Divergent uses costuming, lighting, and camera angles and distance to show the emotions of all of the characters and portray who they are. Divergent is a movie that is about the world after a huge war that kills of a majority of the population. In order to make these people survive, they are broken into factions which are cities of people who have the same characteristics and jobs. You are born into a faction, but when you are sixteen you can decide where you want to be based on a test that you take. Beatrice takes this test and the results come back divergent, meaning she has a little bit of all the factions inside of her. This rarely happens. The movie is about Beatrice finding out where she belongs. The costuming in this movie is most likely one of the most important elements. Each of the five factions has their own style that portrays who they are and helps the viewer decipher between factions. In this scene, it shows all of the factions and portrays them by their costumes. Beatrice was born into the faction called Abnegation, the faction of the selfless. They aren't aloud to think of themselves, worry about their appearance, or even look in the mirror. This reflects in their costumes. They are all dressed in gray, resembling that they are plain, and don’t draw attention to themselves. They are very covered and show little, to no sin.…...

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