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Distribution of Condoms in Correctional Facilities

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Distribution of Condoms in Correctional Facilities
AIDS and HIV are known as the deadliest diseases of human history. The AIDS and HIV epidemic is worldwide, but many cases are accounted for in the United States. African Americans have the highest rate of new HIV infections. African Americans and Latinos account for approximately two-thirds of the United States federal and state prison population. Studies show that people incarcerated are more infected with AIDS and HIV than the general population. It has been proven that transmission of HIV and AIDS occurs behind bars. However, this is a matter that is risking the lives of women who have unprotected sex with men who are released from jail. This is a topic that many people do not want to converse, but this type of situation does occur. This is an issue that creates an ethical dilemma. Should jails and prisons distribute condoms to inmates? I agree that condoms should be distributed to inmates in jails and prisons, to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. Preventing the spread of HIV is not only important for the general population, but it is exceedingly vital to take precaution in correctional facilities as well.
Many of the jails and prisons do not want to provide condoms to the inmates, because they believe it would be condoning sex. Though having sex while incarcerated is prohibited, and is considered a felony. It is known that consensual and nonconsensual acts of sexual activity occur. There is only one jail in the state of California that provides condoms to inmates. Transmission of HIV is not only by sexual activity, but also through needle sharing. None of the correctional facilities allow inmates access to needles, but less than 1% allow inmates access to condoms.
Many officials do not want to discuss the subject of inmates having sexual relations with the same sex. This is not a surprise, seeing as though many do agree with same sex marriage. Documents show that many of the inmates who tested positive for HIV stated their infection happened while they were incarcerated. Evidence shows that the rate of infection is already high as a result of exposure prior to incarceration. Not only does sexual activity occur among inmates, but with members of the prison staff.
I believe correctional facilities are the essential situation to providing awareness and prevention methods for inmates. My reasoning is due to an inmate’s confinement in a jail or prison. We should attempt to take hold of this epidemic by distributing condoms. HIV testing should be conducted when an inmate first arrives, because many of the transmissions occur prior to incarceration. Many inmates should be informed of the prevention measures. So it is vital that an inmate is able to protect themselves with the protection of a condom. Allowing an inmate to obtain condoms should no longer be a controversial issue; especially, if it decreases the risk of transmission.
Correctional facilities are known as high risk areas for the transmission of HIV and AIDS. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures in the jails and prisons. After further research, this matter has influenced my decision for jails and prisons to provide condoms to inmates. There is no cure for HIV and AIDS. We all know that AIDS and HIV are increasingly spreading. Without awareness and prevention methods, the rate of HIV will continue to spread. Thus, HIV prevention interventions should be a priority in both prisons and jails. Consequently, the distribution of condoms will help minimize the transmission of HIV correctional facilities.…...

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