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MOS3355 Distance Studies Essay Proposal

This report will be focusing on women’s progress in the Canadian workforce, specifically barriers that women have overcome, and the trends towards reducing gender inequality. I want emphasize the fact that it has been a slow progress and that a glass ceiling is still a predominant issue today.

The first topic will be about the progress towards gender equality in the Canadian workforce. I will talk about some trends leading to this improvement. The first trend will be about the role of the women’s movement in the 1960’s. This movement was towards giving women greater equality in wages, working conditions, and to gain recognition of their social, economic and political position in society. I will talk about how this movement sparked the battle of gender equality in North America. The second trend will be focusing on the steady growth in the labour force participation among women with children. According to Statistics Canada, 64.4% of women with children under the age of 3 were employed, more than double the proportion of 27.6% in 1976. I will also talk about how there is a slight trend towards men taking more child care responsibility. The third trend will be about women and education. More specifically, how women seem to be more educated (graduating with more undergrad degrees) than men today. Based on data from Statistics Canada; women outnumbered men in 2009 with 34.3% of women having a university degree, compared to only 26% of men. In this section, I will also talk about how women are studying more male-dominated studies.

In the second part of my report, I will discuss the glass ceiling in our Canadian society today, more specifically trends and reasoning as to why the glass ceiling still occurs. I want to highlight the fact that the gap between the number of Canadian men and women who work has significantly…...

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