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Discuss the Ethical Dilmma Vallerie Is Facing

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The information that Valerie discovered about her boss was very shocking and brought so many things to light. She wants to do the right thing but she is afraid of ruining her own situation, Valerie Young was a marketing manager at an international cosmetics and fragrance company, Wisson, which is headquartered in Chicago. Wisson underwent major reorganization due to cost cutting. Valerie’s department was downsized from 25 to 10 people the year before. They did survive as a small team though, and their role within the organization was unique—acting as an agency, delivering designs for bottles and packaging and developing the fragrances for their brands. Valerie’s manager, Lionel Waters, had been with the department for 14 years. He was hired by Wisson’s CEO at the time, after he had worked for big names in the fragrance industry. During Valerie’s first year at the company, the team worked with as many as eight different fragrance companies to have a good diversity of new scent ideas. After a while, they began using only perfumers from two fragrance companies for their projects. She was wondering why they stopped working with the other perfumers, because their submissions were not bad at all and they also successfully supply Wisson’s competitors. Why were these perfumers not good enough for Wisson? It did not take long for the team members to realize that Waters was not to be questioned. The team then went forward and developed great relationships with the perfumers of the two remaining fragrance houses. And then one day, it all became clear to Valerie. Hellriegel and Slocum (2011), She had some copies to make and walked to the copy room in the office area. As she was putting her originals in the copy machine, she saw that there was a paper jam, and the person who caused it left without taking care of it. She started to open the drawers of the paper supply and checked…...

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