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The Dim Lighting Company
Case Analysis

Angela Buford

Organizational Change – MGT311
Dr. Edward M. Slover
September 29, 2011

The Dim Lighting Case Analysis

The Dim Lighting Company, as with many companies over the past couple of years has seen a drop in their profit margins. They were down 155 compared to last year’s budget. The General Manager, Jim West is facing a tough decision this year, although he wants to take on the new projects presented before him by Robert Spinks, he needs to weigh his options.
Macro: Dim Lighting Company is faced with deciding to be proactive or reactive. The Project that Spinks proposes can produce good benefits to the company but it is very expensive and it is a high risk.
Micro: Jim is under pressure to meet his targets for the upcoming year. The decision that Jim’s make can ultimately affect his career in the long run. Spinks is has received several awards from the scientific societies and Jim is feels pressure to make a decision to satisfy Spinks. Spinks is very knowledgeable and losing him may hurt the company. Although the Company needs to keep up with technology they really don’t have the funds to gamble with.
Causes: Some possible cause that may affect the decision for change in the company is the fact that Dim Lighting had previous years that were not profitable. There is also a need for more funds to be able to finance the project. With Spinks having a record of living companies when he didn’t get his way this is also pressuring the managerial staff to force change.
Systems Affected: There are several systems that are affected the first are the Structural which may hesitant to take on new project and the Psychosocial which are other departments that are intimidated by Spinks. Due to the previous non-profitable years Jim feel obligated to increase the profit margins. The technical system is also affected…...

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