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Differences Between Personal and Academic Writing

The differences between personal and academic writing are the writing you produce in personal can be just a post to social network, but academic writing involves rules of languages. Personal writing can be a text to a friend without having to check your grammar and to spell it also can be confusing. Academic writing you have to be careful of the words you choose and make sure you're using a formal tone. You also have to focus on the issue or topic rather than the author's opinion. Personal and academic writing both have a meaning and a purpose that they are writing about. You can increase your writing and vocabulary skills with both of the writing. They both have audiences that you are trying to get their point across too. The strong skills that academic writing possess is they stay away from plagiarism, they try to summarize the whole topic to make it easy to understand. Academic writers also have good transitions especially when starting a new paragraph. Good academic writer make sure writing is mechanically competent. Sometimes when writing you have to ask yourself who is your audience? What is your purpose? And what is the genre of what you are writing? Don't expect the reader to know what you know. Last but not least strong academic writers know how to organize a paper, article, and a book in a way that make sense and are familiar with the various writing skills. I think the skilled writer is someone who can write in a way that satisfied the fellow academic, but also were understandable to much of the general…...

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