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Different Worlds

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Different Worlds

I have chosen to write about ‘Freddy Andrews’ on page 120 and ‘Our America’ on page 133-135. The reason I have chosen these two texts is because I find the topic very interesting, and also because it’s something we still can relate to. In these two texts you can find many themes, but the main themes I have chosen to focus on is discrimination and racism.

The texts ´Freddy Andrews’ is about a half aboriginal and half Caucasian guy named, as the title Freddy Andrews, who’s feeling divided about his identity. He feels like he doesn’t fit into the white culture and neither into the aboriginal culture. Even though he is white he feels like he doesn’t fit into society, even though he only have racism problems when he mentions that he is aboriginal

While the text ‘Our America’ is about an African-American boy who grew up in a second America “Ghetto”. The writer LeAlan Jones wants people to realize how divided America is. LeAlan Jones doesn’t feel American, he believes that an American is supposed to have a good life, but somehow the African-America still fights against poverty and lives away from the “white people”, the text is a wakeup call for the rest of America.

The genres in these two texts are completely different. ‘Freddy Andrews’ text is an interview without questions and ‘Our America’ is a radio documentary. I find these two texts very important for people to read, because it is mind opening. I think that many people are too focused on their own life that they forget about others who needs help. An example from the text ‘Our America’ is how the African-Americans still live under bad conditions. How are the living conditions for the African-Americans suppose to change, without the help from the whole society? All the Americans need to stick together and not be divided.

In both texts the main character is dealing with…...

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