Different Aspects on Immigration Policies

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Different Aspects on Immigration Policies The debate about U.S.A having a better protected border is a common issue well known by all of us. The border is assaulted everyday with hundreds maybe thousands of illegal immigrants hard working or not, educated or illiterate, but also tons of drugs who go straight to our streets destroying millions of families over the years. A better protected border is imperative. My personal intention is not to discuss about the immigration issues in general, but rather cope with the much intriguing problem of a better immigration policy and how it relates with the current political trends. The U.S.A. need well prepared and hard working individuals, that will be the pylon of a healthy economy, but first we need a better policy to support it. The need for extra work and extra taxes can be nourished from the already present illegal immigrants we have, as well a good program for bringing new trained individuals interested in living the 'American dream'. "Instead of 'enforcement only', we should offer unauthorized immigrants a chance to come forward, register, pay a fine, learn English, pass background checks, and legalize their status" (Waslin, 2010, p.3). The problem remains in how these issues will be effectively resolved. There is no questioning about how deep is this challenge when talking about immigration. Considering the current concerns like terrorist threat, illegal drugs and unemployment levels, the topic of immigration can easily become one of the most important subjects on the agenda.…...

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