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In 1660 through (and after) 1750, British colonies in North America were on a political, economical, social, and religious upraise. Change was the major theme during this period. Many influences from outside forces from Spanish, French, Native Americans, American intellectuals, and especially the English formed how the colonies thought and developed. Life in this period for the colonists was based on hard work and determination to create their "utopian" society. But it was not going to be that easy; there were various elements (different opinions, English rule, government, ect...) that stood in their way during this "great transformation" period of America.

Being that the American colonies were under English rule, the colonies had to answer to Parliament first. During the period of King Charles II, navigation acts were placed upon the colonies. The goals of these were to strengthen England and to essentially weaken the colonies and other countries. The navigation acts (1660 and 1663) "barred colonial merchants from exporting such commodities as sugar and tobacco anywhere except to England, and from importing goods in non-England ships" (Boyer 94-5). After the conversion of leadership in England (the rule of William and Mary in 1676) many of these acts were altered and entailed to fewer colonies. The colonies were still ultimately dependent on England during this period, but essentially knew that they had power against Parliament.

The colonies were maturing physically and in turn economically. Being that living standards were so low, because of British support, there was a great population increase during this time period. "The ratio of England's population to that of the mainland colonies plummeted from 20 to 1 (1700) to 3 to 1 (1775)" (Boyer 100). The motivation to bear children was high under the likelihood for future prosperity. The economy was doing well in…...

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