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Did Samsung's Marketing Strategy in the Consumer Electronics Industry Assist in Its Development in China and America Since 2000 ?

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Did Samsung's Marketing Strategy in The Consumer Electronics Industry Assist in Its Development in China And America since 2000 ?
The statements:This essay mainly designs a research proposal to studies the effect of Samsung's marketing strategy in the consumer electronics industry on its development in American and China since 2000.
Samsung is one of the biggest enterprises in Korea. Though several decades of development, Samsung has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest companies in the consumer electronics industry. The marketing strategy is a process of creation and transmission of value (Lanning & Michaels, 1988). The marketing strategy has a great influence on the promotion of the product and the development of the enterprise. America and Chia are the largest and the second larger oversee market of Samsung respectively.
Literature Review 1.1 External environment
Macro environment is important for the development of enterprises. When the market strategy adapts to the macro environment, the enterprise generally develops rapidly. PEST model is usually used to analyze external environment of enterprise (CIPD, 2009). 1.2 The analysis of marketing strategy
4P theory is the core of the traditional marketing, whose essence is to better control the Marketing behavior (McCarthy, 1964). 4P theory will be used to analyze the marketing strategy of Samsung. Combined 4P theory with PEST model to analyze whether the marketing strategy of Samsung adapts to the external environment or not.

Methodology 1.3 Literature research method
Literature research method is adopted to get the market shares in China and America.
3.2 Comparative analysis method
Comparative analysis method is adopted to compare the market shares in different time and the difference between Samsung and other enterprises.
According to…...

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