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Maximiliano Gomez
Deb Winters
A Demon 5 Years Younger Than I
Someone I know well is my little sister. Her name is Valeria. She was born in Sonora, Mexico 13 years ago. Mom says that our first days together were tough. Before my sister arrived I was a spoiled little five-years-old boy, when she born on the 4th of July, 2002 (very convenient, right) she got everybody’s attention. As I remember, the first moment I saw that little bald meatball, I knew that she would change everything for me. By age five she had a double personality, on one side she was a smiley cute little girl with her beautiful curly hair, loved for everybody. It complemented her “angel look”. She also had this evil side that she only revealed to few people in the family. Her dark side earned her a permanent family alias, “demon.” It is hard to see when you realize that time is going so fast. You want to stop it but it’s like catching all the rain with your hands. At the moment, I do not know when my sister started to change her ways, one day she is this little infant that needs help for absolutely everything, and the next day she is a funny teenager that I can trust and have mature (and not too much) conversations with. Once, friends of mine asked me, “Who is your best woman friend?” I didn’t realize it until that moment, but I knew the answer.…...

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