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Developing Your Brand

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For a moment, consider who the audience is for your MBA application. You will be spending countless hours writing a magnum opus that may be read by only one individual—or a select few at most. These people have many applications that they need to go through every day, and even the most meticulous individuals may at times miss some parts of your essays. That’s why you need to make things as clear and easy to read as possible for the admissions committee team by making sure that they can’t miss who you are and what you can bring to an incoming MBA class.

The best business school applications feature four or five aspects of the candidate’s character and experiences that anyone reading the essays will identify. These traits blend to create “Brand You.”

We all understand the power and influence that brands have. Businesses spend a lot of money to make sure you know how they bring value and what they stand for. While there are many more subtle parts to their full corporate identities and many tones to their product/service offerings, companies need to ensure that purchasers have a complete understanding of a limited set of characteristics. As an example, this is list of traits for a few reputable companies:

1. Low prices every day of the week, large selection, one-stop store 2. Fun place to be, socially responsible, respect for employees 3. Creative design, simple, cool 4. Cheeky, young, influencing lifestyles 5. Fun, family, fantasy
Even from only these short descriptions, you may be able to guess which businesses we are referring to. This is because these messages have been pounded into your mind through repetition, multiple interactions with the company, and/or exposure to numerous branding messages.

Likewise, applicants need to ensure that the business school individuals who read their applications make no mistake about who the…...

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