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Depression Paper
Kathi J Peacock
October 28, 2015
Dean Marzofka

There are two kinds of mood disorders that share a part of the same name. The first is unipolar. It deals with depression in varying states. It could be feeling sad for a little while or it could be overpowering and make one feel like there is so hope or feel extremely sad. This is a mood disorder pattern and it is the only disorder in that pattern. When their depression is over they can go make to a normal life. It can be for a day or a few days but is manageable. The next mood disorder is bipolar. It deals with mania as well as depression. When a person is in a mania mood they can be very destructive. They can destroy finances and make unwise decisions that can also destroy the family. They believe that nothing can touch them. When they destroy finances it is like they cannot understand that there is repercussions to their actions as if there is no limit to spending money. They can even feel like they are not doing wrong. Everything will be okay even after the dust settles. Or in other words when they crash after an episode. Then they will plunge into depression and wonder how they could have done this. They will believe that they should not even be here to destroy any longer. Being bipolar you can be sad one minute and before that minute is up can be manic. I firmly believe I have been bipolar all of my life. I was officially diagnosed with it and other mental diagnoses’ several years ago. It just took a while to get the proper regime of psychotropic medications to get me stable. When I was a kid I could go days without sleeping and still make straight A’s and then I would crash and even though I was forced out of bed to go to school I did not want to go. Part of not wanting to sleep was the nightmares of the atrocities that happened to me as a child and into young adult hood.…...

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