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Demographic Paper
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The aging population and the Baby Boomers are becoming a dominant demographic in the United States. The Baby Boomer generation is the biggest generation in American history. There are approximately 75 million people in America. The average life span and the age of retirement has increased, the need for medications for a longer period , and chronic illnesses are examples of how the aging population and the Baby Boomer generation will contribute to changes in the health care field.
“Future and current demographics play an important role in determining the supply and demand of health care workers” (HRS, p. 3). Projected demographics that will affect health care include the increased life span of the aging population, and geographic location of the population. The rise in the population percentage of the elderly over the next decade will cause a n increase in the demand for more health care workers, and medications. Concerns that the demands for health care professionals will not be met because of the financial stress placed on Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance companies, and the patients out of pocket expenses. Many physicians are in the same demographic as the aging population. These physicians may retire around the same time. The healthcare for the elderly population will increase will less physicians to care for them.
Positive changes to the health care market will take place as the demographic changes. “Minorities will account for nearly half of the population demanding health care in the upcoming years but will also account for a percentage of professionals taking positions in urban areas” (HRS, p. 2). The demand for health care workers in these areas will be met as he minorities are becoming professionals in the health care…...

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