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Gabrielle Albertha C. Burgos November 29, 2012AGRI 121Food Inc.(a reaction paper)Food. One of the major necessities of man. One by which no man can live without and now onethat many scientist and researchers look for ways to increase the production of food with respect to theincreasing population. Today, many technologies have made its way in the Agriculture industry. Someare GMOs, use of round-up ready corn, etc. In the film, Food Inc., it highlighted the situation of Agriculture today and most problems experienced by the farmers themselves.When we go to the supermarket, we usually pick foods that are, for us we think is healthy and atthe same time cheap. We are deceived by the labels saying they are fresh and all, but in truth animalsslaughtered in the process are abused. One of which is the poultry industry. In order to increase themeat size of the chickens, they are placed in dark, ventilated cages where they could not freely walkbecause inside the cage is too crowded. As a result, there is less energy used in walking making themfatter, but on the other hand, after 2-4 steps, the chickens could no longer continue to walk. Somechickens die inside the cage mainly because they could not stand the over-crowdedness.
Other issues have been raised against major companies. One of which is the Kevin’s law notbeing implemented up until now. The Kevin’s law is a law which ma kes companies close their businessesif they are found to have failed in at least 2 tests of salmonella and such in their products conducted bythe DFA. It is sad to know that it is not yet implemented because their reason is that the government hasno authority to close private owned companies and stop their transactions.From all of the issues raised in the film, we should know that we should be aware of what weeat. Know the contents of each product. Buy organic foods and buy foods which are in season.…...

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