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Define Your Responsibility as a Teacher

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Every career has its own level of responsibility that is laid upon them by society.
As a teacher, I believe the foremost responsibility of any teacher is to impart knowledge of a subject area in a highly interactive way that challenges and engages students in meaningful work so that they may become independent and intellectually curious to acquire knowledge.
It is the responsibility of the teacher to meet the needs of students of varying abilities within the classroom. This is best done by reviewing student’s record to develop a foundation of understanding regarding each student’s needs and abilities. This not only give all students an opportunity to learn but also helps them to develop self esteem, social skills and see themselves as productive individuals.
A teacher is responsible to maintain accurate and complete students’ records in order to provide constructive feedback to all stakeholders. Teachers have to ensure that they are confidential as students’ information is expected to be private. Teachers who are indiscreet not only run the risk of professional jeopardy but can also lose the respect of students which will ultimately affect the teaching and learning experience.
Most importantly, it is the responsibility of the teacher to establish co-operative relation with colleagues and members of administration as well as make an effort to communicate appropriately with parent and guardians when necessary, in order to create a positive and harmonious learning environment where children develop a lifelong love of learning.

Accountability is a crucial aspect for the effectiveness of any classroom. It means holding oneself responsible to a large extent for student’s achievement by keeping current…...

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