Defending the Arts

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Defending the Arts
Trouble Carter
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Defending the Arts
I recently attended a college Step Show in my community a few months ago. Step Shows showcase multiple teams who stomp, clap, dance, shout, and ignite the audience. I have been viewing Step Shows since my first year in high school. I frequent Step Shows due to the electrifying energy that the step teams display. These teams work hard to perfect their artwork of expression. Some of them even employ professional dancers to assist with the stage shows. Just like painters or sculptors, step teams provide messages and creative expression in every performance.
Stepping is a growing art form and an important part of our country’s artistic and cultural heritage. In stepping, the body is used as an instrument. The body motion and movement is part of the story. The step teams maneuver in synchronized progressions to create intricate rhythms through a plethora of footsteps, claps and the spoken word (Degregory PHD, 2015). The winner of the Step Show approached the stage wearing clown outfits including colorful masked faces. The clown outfits mislead the audience to expect a clumsy, unorganized show. We received the exact opposite. The winning step team was well organized and choreographed, regardless of their clown suits. They brought the crowd to their feet with “call and response” chants.
Moreover, the Step Show entertained me to the fullest. I enjoyed every team’s performance. I get excited watching the precision and stepping. The vigor that the individual team members display is very electric-like (Fine, 2007). The energy from the stage is often transferred to the crowd. Watching a step performance puts me in the mind of being at a sporting event and your team keeps scoring. Everyone is engaged with the athletes and vicariously feel their highs and lows.
I long for the arts to…...

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